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The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company is dedicated to the construction and maintenance of utility infrastructure. We pride ourselves in turnkey construction execution, with the capability to design, procure material, and build the system our customers want.

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Distribution & Streetlights


In 1936, Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Rural Electrification Act, marking the inception of The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company's (HWC) enduring involvement in the construction and maintenance of distribution lines. When HWC was just starting out in the utility world, they secured a pivotal project: the construction of 1,000 miles of single-phase line in South Dakota. Notably, this endeavor was completed both safely and ahead of schedule. Since that pivotal moment, Hydaker-Wheatlake has consistently upheld this approach, collaborating with investor-owned utilities, municipals, and electrical cooperatives nationwide. Their unwavering commitment to enhancing system reliability while adhering to budget constraints remains a hallmark of their operational philosophy.

HWC currently constructs all distribution lines ranging from 500 Volt secondary to 34.5kV, performing all distribution work including:

  • New Construction for Overhead & Underground
  • Joint Trench, including gas installation & termination
  • Energized Work
  • Line Upgrades, Reconductor, & Rebuild
  • Pole Change Out
  • Transformer, Capacitor, and Switch Change Out
  • Conversions for Overhead & Underground
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Engineering, Procurement, & Construction
  • Directional Boring
  • Fault Locating & Repair
  • Smart Metering & Smart Grid installation
  • Hydro-Excavation


Streetlights can be a necessary evil for utility companies by meeting the Public Service Commission requirements. Hydaker-Wheatlake recognized these issues and worked with customers to provide full, automated solutions allowing our customers to reduce their staffing workload, while maintaining the documentation and communication required.  Through work and communication, we were able to bring our customers compliance with the Public Service Commission to 98% within 2 months of operations.  By providing these solutions we have helped our customer reduce cost while improving quality and safety.

  • Fully Automated system that allows Real Time completion of work
  • Union Workforce who exceed customer expectations in Quality & Safety
  • Rate of 98% completion of work orders within 3 days allows our customers to meet the requirements put forth by the Public Service Commission
  • Workforce that is able to increase or decrease dependent on demand
  • Ability to work secondary and primary voltages by utilizing additional workers when necessary
  • Ability to install new underground and overhead by using other resources within Hydaker-Wheatlake
  • Our workforce can assist customers during natural disasters



Transmission construction and maintenance has been an integral part of The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company's (HWC) continued success.  HWC has been building transmission lines since 1962 and have gained valuable knowledge and experience, enabling us to provide the best solutions to fulfil customer’s needs.  HWC works on voltages from 34.5kV to 500kV with  crews performing over 95% of the work on a transmission line. Because of this, HWC is able to control the flow of work and better manage the lines construction, including caisson foundation installation and SWPP measures.  Some services include:

  • New Construction for Overhead & Underground on lines 34.5kV to 500kV
  • Line Rebuilds & Reconductor
  • Pole Replacement
  • Pole Testing & Inspections
  • LIDAR Inspections using Helicopters
  • Steel Pole Installation
  • Caisson Foundation & Spread Footer Installation
  • OPGW Installation
  • OPGW Testing & Fusing
  • Steel Lattice Tower Erection
  • Tower Raising and Relocation
  • Shunt Installation
  • Live Line Maintenance & Construction
  • Hot Sticking 34.5kV to 138kV
  • SWPP Installation & Maintenance
  • Hydro-Excavation
  • Crane Mat Installation
  • Caisson Foundations



The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company (HWC) has the ability to single source for all substation needs and is an industry leader in substation construction and maintenance.  By utilizing the other companies in the Utility Supply & Construction Company family, HWC is able to provide:

  • Substation Construction and maintenance for voltages ranging from 4.8 kV to 500 kV
  • Material Procurement, Tracking, and Logistics
  • Gas Insulated Substation Construction
  • HVDC Substation Construction
  • SVC and FACTS System Construction
  • Pad Mount Foundations
  • Caisson Foundations
  • Control House Foundations
  • Site Prep Work, including heavy civil requirements
  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Transformer Placement / Moving & Logistics
  • Above/Below Grade Raceway and Grounding
  • Transmission Line Connections & Construction
  • Relay Testing & Checkout
  • Fiber Splicing and Installation
  • Control House Wiring
  • SCADA Installations
  • SWPP Installation & Maintenance
  • Cost Estimates & Project Planning

We currently have multiple substation crews that are operating full time throughout the country.  HWC has several long-term, strategic relationships to construct and maintain electrical substation systems across the country.  These relationships have allowed us to provide cost savings by assisting in the engineering of the system, create a stable workforce which allow us to increased safety and efficiency, and to create value added solutions using our other USC companies. 

Foundations, Bridges & Roads


Foundations have become a necessity for transmission lines. On the forefront of transmission line evolution, The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company (HWC) has witnessed the progression from early spread footers to now caisson foundations. Utilizing in-house HWC civil engineers to oversee crews, we recognize the documentation and QC/QA that customer's need. 

In order to ensure the safety of our employees and the highest quality product for our customers, HWC employees undergo an extensive concrete certification program, allowing them to understand concrete and chemicals down to the molecular level.  All of drill crews are thoroughly trained in excavation and pouring methods including: wet Holes, dry holes, rock excavation, casing installation, and cold/hot weather installation.  This training makes HWC an industry leader in foundation installation.

HWC currently has multiple transmission spreads and highly-trained caisson crews operating full-time throughout the midwest. HWC is involved with several long-term strategic relationships to construct and maintain electrical systems across the country.  These relationships have allowed HWC to provide cost savings by assisting in the engineering of the system, creating a stable workforce (which enables safety and efficiency), and creating value-added solutions through our partnerships with the other Utility Supply & Construction companies.

The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company has the capacity to bore shafts up to 15 feet in diameter by 100 feet deep, including dry and wet excavation methods. HWC utilizes track and wheel-mounted units allowing greater flexibility to accommodate any project's terrain.

  • Capacity to bore shafts up to 10ft in diameter by 50ft deep

  • Track and wheel mounted units

  • Trained crews to accommodate four independent boring operationsTIMBER MATTING & ROAD BUILDING


Timber mats protect work areas and establish safe access for heavy equipment in challenging environments such as swamps, marshes, wetlands, and other area with loose soil. While preventing machinery and equipment getting stuck or damaged, timber mats also minimize the pressure exerted by heavy equipment and prevent wheels and treads from tearing the ground and provide personnel with a dry, anti-slip surface.

  • HWC currently owns over 5,000 timber crane mats
  • Ability to build free span bridging up to 180ft and for weights up to 150,000 lbs
  • Specialized equipment utilized for efficient installation of timber roads and bridging.



Because of the expansive history and experience in utility line construction, The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company (HWC) has had a natural transition into the construction of renewable energy resources. Experience and capabilities include:


  • Tower Wiring
  • Substation
  • Transmission
  • Collection System


  • Substation
  • Transmission
  • Collection System


  • Substation
  • Transmission

Underground Gas & Electric


The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company (HWC) has been performing construction and maintenance of natural gas systems since 2008. Some of the services provided include:

  • Distribution pipeline construction
  • New business installation
  • Joint installations including telecom, power, and gas
  • Conversion projects
  • Distribution integrity management
  • Cast iron and steel replacement
  • Rise and meter replacement
  • Master service agreements/blanket agreements
  • ISNetworld Operator Qualification Programs (OQ)
  • Steel and HDPE pipe installation
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling & Trenching

To achieve the safe and successful completion of a project, HWC utilizes a dedicated team of safety professionals, project managers, and project coordinators, who track schedule adherence, QC/QA, training, work methods, and safety.



  • Training assigned based on job classification:
    • Foreman 68 modules
    • Fusers 56 modules
    • Operators 34 modules
    • Laborers 36 modules
  • Focused training and certification for all job tasks and safety procedures:
    • Abnormal Operating Conditions
    • Characteristics and Hazards of Natural Gas
    • Protection from Hazards
    • Prevention of Accidental Ignition
    • Excavation Safety
    • & Many More

Storm Services


Storm Services division is a dedicated group, strategically positioned throughout the Mid-West and East Coast. Focused on providing the same safe, quality, and productive resources in emergency situations, as Hydaker-Wheatlake provides daily to its many utility customers in blue-sky operations. Equipped with its own dedicated equipment, manpower, and unwavering commitment to ensure rapid emergency response within hours. 


  • Rapid Deployment: Our Storm Services Division is always prepared to respond at a moment’s notice. Our strategically positioned teams, well-equipped vehicles and specialized equipment, and efficient logistics ensure that we reach affected areas promptly, reducing outage time for our utility partners located throughout the US.
  • Safety as a Priority: While speed is essential, safety is always our top priority. We adhere to strict safety protocols to protect our team members, the public, and the environment. Our commitment to safety ensures that our emergency response efforts are carried out without compromising anyone's well-being.
  • Skilled Workforce: Our team is composed of skilled IBEW utility workers and industry experts who thrive in high-pressure situations. Their expertise, coupled with specialized training in emergency response protocols, allows us to efficiently address complex challenges, make informed decisions, and execute effective solutions. 
  • Collaboration and Coordination: We work hand-in-hand with other pre-approved regional contractors to ensure a coordinated and efficient response. By combining resources, sharing information, and maintaining open communication, we maximize our effectiveness in providing a safe, quality, and productive restoration service in emergent conditions. 

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Inspection Services


The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company's (HWC) infrared inspections can detect problems before they become outages. Cameras are operated by personnel with specialized electrical utility training and according to customer standards. HWC can also detect problems from above with our thermal cameras that are mounted on a UAS and operated by experienced Part 107 pilots. Each infrared issue detected is documented on a Flir Thermal Studio customized report showing temperature of the anomaly.


Utility pole inspections use an advanced technology drill with a 3mm drill diameter to assess poles using your criteria. Our methods do not require digging and large diameter holes. HWC Customers set the criteria, we produce the data. Each pole will have a report detailing the condition of each pole showing depth and width of decay inside the pole.



I would like to extend a THANK YOU to all of the utility workers who journeyed down to Southeast Texas to help restore our power after Hurricane Laura. Your guys were the ones in my subdivision and I really, really appreciate they came all this way to help. They are my heroes. Please share this with the crews. I send my thanks and an enormous HUG to them all.

—Texas Resident

I would like to say the individuals working, both our normal crew and the additional emergency crew did an outstanding job of assessing and mitigating safety concerns both before and during the work.


Give your guys/gals a big pat on the back from everyone an hour south of you. Our power went up a day and a half earlier than forecasted and my entire neighborhood cheered when the lights clicked back on. We don’t realize how badly we need companies like yours and it was impressive to see how quickly order was restored despite the magnitude of damage.

—Michigan Resident

I was driving I-75 this morning and saw a convoy of bucket trucks going toward Florida. Thank you and God bless and protect each one of those workers. I live in northern part of metro Atlanta, so we will only have a small effect of Irma compared to Florida and Georgia coast. THANK YOU AGAIN for sending help.

—Georgia Resident

Thank you and God bless for heading into danger to help during the storm.

—Florida Resident

I would just like to thank you for your assistance during this last storm. Your professionalism to come in and get a job done was simple amazing. The best thing we could do is get you the material and then get out of the way and watch you work. Without your help we truly believe that it would have taken twice as long to get service restored.

—First Energy

I'd like to extend a note of thanks to you, your General Foreman and Hydaker-Wheatlake for the quick response to our recent request for what I would refer to as "professional services". When I contacted you to discuss my situation your response was immediate, with excellent coordination of resources to get your General Foreman to the site within hours. Your General Foreman stepped into the roles of consultant, supervisor and assistant all rolled into one to ensure the work was performed safely and properly.

—Ohio Valley Electric Corporation

I live in Oakland Park, Florida and want to thank your company and all of the electric utility workers who are here in our area restoring our electric service after Hurricane Irma. For them, working in our heat and humidity must just be unbearable and I cannot express our neighborhood's collective appreciation enough! These workers certainly have gone "above and beyond" in my opinion. Thank you very much.

—Oakland Park Florida Resident

I wanted to pass along to you how well your crew preformed while they worked on our system. It was a pleasure having them here and I want to thank you for their hard work.

—Holland Board of Public Works

Please extend my thanks again to the gentlemen I worked with. They were very professional and hardworking.


Your employees demonstrated care for restoring power and assuring the homes and people were safe were their priorities. They worked in a timely and urgent manner, with care for the properties of the owners even though they were doing significant work including placing a new pole in my back yard. The care they put into making sure their invasive work in my yard, was done in a careful manner to minimize damage to my lawn when using their equipment. For their professionalism, care and concern, working endless hours, and not stopping until there was power and all homes were safe…  I want to recognize each and every one of them. 

—Michigan Resident