Utility Engineering

Innovating Infrastructures, Enhancing Utilities

CVR Engineering provides full design service functionality with the goal of meeting utility service and construction needs.


Transmission & Distribution


We understand every project is unique. Our transmission and distribution engineers are experienced and equipped to handle it all from single structure replacements to green field lines, rebuilds, and reconductors. We work closely with our operations group to create constructible, cost-effective designs that meet or exceed all code and customer requirements. CVR Engineering manages all aspects of the detailed design including access issues, road design, real estate, land rights, survey, LiDAR, SUE, permitting, foundation design and analysis and more.


CVR Engineering’s structural team has developed a foundation design process that uses spreadsheet interaction to create maximum efficiency and reduce the chances of human error. The process is managed by structural engineers, who check construction documents in accordance with state regulatory requirements. Foundation types include standard drilled piers, vibratory pile driving and tieback-augmented drilled piers. General outputs include designed structures plan set table, quantities sorted by pier type, and construction package.


CVR Engineering specializes in all aspects of distribution, including overhead and underground design, system load forecasting, pole loading analysis, failure analysis and route cause investigations, distributed energy resources and system impact studies. Our scope of services includes green field lines as well as reconductoring/rebuilding and voltage conversion projects. We work closely with procurement and operations groups to ensure your project can be built on time and on budget, while making sure crews have the ability to construct the project efficiently.


With great understanding of operations and maintenance tasks that are associated with T&D lines as well as future expansion and build out potentials, CVR Engineering provides a creative approach and leads land acquisition efforts, supporting customer’s needs. Our power delivery team is proficient in all aspects of right-of-way acquisition including preparing right-of-way plats, property valuations, securing easements and fee owned parcels, as well as providing all associated support documentation. Land acquisition can be a sensitive and time-consuming issue. Our proactive approach to relationship-building with impacted owners eliminates unnecessary costs and schedule delays ensuring a smooth process. We ensure that our transmission and distribution line designs always take land rights and limitations into account for the optimal design.


Constructability is always forefront of our minds when designing a new or modified transmission or distribution overhead line. CVR Engineering specializes in designing efficient and cost-effective access roads and matting layouts, allowing us to best service the goals of our customers and meet the needs of the controlling jurisdictional authority when it comes to both physical and environmental design requirements. Temporary matting is designed as efficiently as possible to reduce costs of mat rental charges and efficient construction of the assets. An access road is an aggregate armored and stabilized roadway which acts as a defined point of ingress and egress from a site(s) with disturbed soils. 


Our Engineers have a great deal of experience working with business operations and can assist with creating plans for difficult outage sequences in order to get a project constructed as efficiently as possible and without prolonged outages. 


CVR Engineering can identify the best route for your energy projects. Our diversified power delivery team of professionals offers strategic outlooks and the knowledge necessary to provide industry leading solutions. Working with transportation, utility, energy, and water resource authorities, our goal is to provide a route that meets all safety standards (ASCE, NECCS, and RUS), as well as using Value Engineering to produce the most cost-efficient design to the customer.


If your company is looking for assistance with construction monitoring, management, or EPC bid and specification assistance, then look no further; CVR Engineering is well equipped to provide Owners Engineer Services. We have specialized technical expertise to ensure your project meets all codes and legal requirements as well as quality, budget, schedule, material delivery and performance guarantees.  


System integration design is defined in engineering as the process of bringing together the component sub-systems into one system and ensuring that the sub-systems function together properly. CVR Engineering fully supports integrating transmission, distribution, and substation systems in efficient and effective methods. With our wide variety of experiences and technical knowledge, we can design the parts and pieces of your system or project to ensure they operate properly at peak efficiencies.

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CVR Engineering is ready for your project, whether it is 15kV to 345kV greenfield, expansion, or equipment replacement in air insulated substations. Physical design engineers work hand in hand with other project required disciplines (civil, structural, protection and control) to ensure project success and adherence to client and industry requirements.  We secure proper power equipment, bus, and conductor requirements are met, as well as performing lighting, lightning, and grounding analysis and design to protect your most important assets, your crews. 


CVR Engineering’s protection and control (P&C) engineering is well versed in greenfield, expansion, and relay replacement project from 15kV to 345kV substation. Our P&C team works hand in hand with our physical design team to ensure proper phasing, general layout, and wiring. CVR Engineering specifies and coordinates with vendors during control enclosure, switchgear, and panel procurement and design. 


AC and DC station service load calculations and AC and DC station service equipment selection and sizing.  DC battery system sizing calculations as per client standards and IEEE 485 (IEEE Recommended Practice for Sizing Lead-Acid Batteries for Stationary Applications).


CVR Engineering manages all aspects of substation civil design including regulatory permitting support, stormwater management, civil construction specification writing, site security concerns, site access & roadway design, cost estimates and provide a thorough understanding of other client specific standards.


CVR Engineering’s structural team provides vendor fabrication review and provided loads.  We utilize software in bus, steel, and foundation design adhering to client and industry standards such as, IEEE 605 Design of Substation Rigid Bus Structures, ASCE guidelines, and RUS).


Substation ground grid and equipment grounding design according to client and industry engineering standard IEEE Guide to Safety in AC Substation Grounding. 


Switchyard lightning shielding design using fixed angle and or rolling sphere methods from IEEE 998 (IEEE Guide for Direct Lightning Stroke Shielding of Substations).


Switchyard lighting software studies according to client and NESC technical standards.


An access road is an aggregate armored and stabilized roadway which acts as a defined point of ingress and egress from a site with disturbed soils. CVR Engineering provides you with a thoughtful and cost-effective layout that will meet your needs as well as those of the controlling jurisdictional authority when it comes to both physical and environmental design requirements.

Project Execution


‚ÄčWhen working on the public right-of-way and or street, it is necessary to have the proper safety measures in place for both the traveling public and the construction workers. All traffic plans, no matter the scope of work, are required to meet the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). CVR Engineering will develop plans to meet your needs and to work with the jurisdictional authorities in obtaining the appropriate permits.


CVR Engineering provides solutions for temporary access to a location, whether it be by utilizing a non-obtrusive aggregate road or the use of specially designed access matting.


The purpose of a SWPPP is to help the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) preserve and improve water quality by regulating facilities that discharge water containing small amounts of pollutants. Our team can assist in the development of SWPPP’s for all your project needs.

  • Project Management & Controls 
  • Construction Management 
  • Construction Inspection 
  • Project Risk Assessment  
  • Contract & Bidding Process & Evaluations

Project Support


At CVR Engineering, we specialize in providing comprehensive project support services encompassing EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) program management, in-depth feasibility studies, permitting solutions and applications, and more. With our combined experience and commitment to innovation, we are your trusted partner for successful project execution and data-driven insights. 


Our skilled team of engineers collaborate seamlessly with trusted partners to oversee the entire lifecycle of your project. From initial concept to final commissioning, we ensure that every phase is meticulously planned, executed, and monitored. With a focus on optimizing resources, timelines, and costs, we deliver EPC program management solutions that align with your project goals.

  • Procurement & Materials Support
  • Permitting Solutions & Applications 
  • Drone Inspections
  • Lidar Data Collection


Our detailed feasibility studies provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the viability and potential risks of your project. We conduct thorough assessments of technical, financial, and operational aspects to help you make informed decisions. Whether you're considering a new venture or expanding existing infrastructure, our feasibility studies provide the insights you need to proceed with confidence.