Welcome to Utility Supply and Construction Company (USC), a trusted and family-owned organization committed to providing safe and reliable solutions for the utility industry.

As the umbrella company for esteemed partners such as Crossroads Mobile Maintenance, Power Line Supply Company, The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company, CVR Engineering, and Hydrolake Incorporated, USC leverages these strong affiliations to bring top-tier expertise and unparalleled support, resulting in best-in-class products and services that offer exceptional value. We embody a steadfast dedication to the utility industry, unwavering and absolute.

Our cohesive synergy, encompassing both our collective strengths and diverse perspectives, empowers us to shape the future trajectory of the utility industry. USC remains at the forefront of innovation, consistently introducing safe, inventive, and cost-efficient solutions. With an exclusive emphasis on the utility sector, we tailor solutions that precisely address the distinctive needs of every customer requirement.

When faced with challenges, regardless of their complexity, we stand ready. Equipped with a skilled workforce, extensive experience, comprehensive knowledge, cutting-edge equipment, and state-of-the-art facilities, we rise to the occasion even amidst the most demanding circumstances. At USC, our commitment to excellence is unwavering, ensuring that every task is accomplished with exceptional precision and efficiency.



Davis Hydaker was established by Charles Davis and George M. Hydaker to help bring electricity to rural America.


Franklin B. Wheatlake was hired by the Davis-Hydaker Company.


F. B. Wheatlake became a partner with George Hydaker of Davis-Hydaker Company.


Davis Hydaker was renamed The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company and moved the growing business to West Michigan.  


Hydrolake Leasing & Service Company was established to perform right-of-way clearing.


Reed City Power Line Supply Incorporated was formed. Reed City Power Line Supply was created out of the need for a distributor to provide materials to Public Power, Investor Owned Utilities, and The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company.


Reed City Power Line Supply opens their longstanding office in Lima, Ohio.


Reed City (GMC Truck) Sales & Service is established.


Franklin C. Wheatlake begins employment at The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company.


Hydrolake Incorporated builds a pole production facility to harvest Red Pine poles for the utility industry.


Reed City Power Line Supply purchases E&C Supply, Inc. located in Indiana (USC's only inorganic growth).


Franklin C. Wheatlake becomes the second generation to grow the business after FBW's passing.


Corporate Holding Company, Utility Supply & Construction Company, is formed. 

Reed City Power Line Supply consolidates business and changes name to just Power Line Supply Company. 


Crossroads Mobile Maintenance is established to better service heavy-duty equipment for customers in the utility and construction industries


Drew Wheatlake assumes Chairmanship of the USC Board of Directors as third generation of Wheatlake family leadership. 


CVR Engineering is established to meet customer needs for power delivery engineering and design.